FIEA Fellowship & Scholarship Application

    Thank you for your interest in FIEA! Please submit this form to be considered for a FIEA Fellowship and/or Scholarship. Recipients will be notified by July 1 of the year in which they are applying to enter FIEA. Submitting this form will allow you to be considered for a fellowship. It is not necessary to indicate which fellowship or scholarship you are applying. If the awards committee feels your application meets the qualifications of one of our fellowships or scholarship, you will be awarded the fellowship or scholarship that will grant you the most funding.
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    Iron Galaxy Diversity in Gaming Endowed Scholarship and Electronic Arts Inclusion in Gaming  Endowment Scholarship Applicants Only

    *Electronic Arts Inclusion in Game Endowment Scholarship available Fall 2022
    If you feel there are other documents that support your eligibility for a FIEA fellowship, please send them to with the date you submitted this form.